Gift Guide Under $50

Rounding up some of my favorite gifts under $50– all of these are either on my list, on Sam’s or something I am gifting this season! There is a little bit of everything included here– for her, him, the beauty buff and jet setter!

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1. Blow Out Brush

This is at the top of my Christmas list! I love a good blow out and this is such a great and affordable way to get one right at home. I can't believe the price tag on this guy-- such a great gift for the beauty buff in your life.

2. Kopari Gift Set

These are a few of my favorite products-- the lip glossy is my go to and always in my bag (looks great alone and on top of lipstick), the coconut melt is so nourishing and hydrating for the skin and the deodorant is my favorite natural one! This gift set is a great way to test out some products or give someone your already favorites.

3. Plush Throw

This is such a cozy + affordable gift for everyone on your list! I get one for my dad every year and it's his favorite-- we have a couple at our house, too! There are so many different colors, so you'll definitely find one for everyone's home aesthetic.

4. Portable Phone Charger

A cute + functional gift for the girl on the go! If she's anything like me, she's always running on low battery and this is easy to keep in your purse so you are never without your phone.

5. Shower Wireless Speaker

This waterproof speaker is at the top of Sam's Christmas list and I am so excited cause we both can enjoy! Who doesn't love a good jam session in the shower? I'll be rocking out to to Ariana and Sam will be rocking out to his favorite podcasts haha

6. Silk Scrunchie Set

My favorite scrunchies and I love these colors-- whether you (or the recipient) has dark or light hair, there will be a scrunchie in this set for you!

7. Travel Jewelry Box

I love this jewelry box because it has little spots for everything, looks beautiful (while still being functional) on your vanity and can still be used on the go... so you don't have to take your things in and out of a box when you come and go! SO cute and super convenient.... not to mention organized!

8. Tula Brightening Set

The perfect winter skin pick-me-up! This mask + eye balm combo is just what you need to give your face a little moisture and glow! I love both of these products year round, but they add a necessary drink of water to my skin in the winter! You can use code: ottestyle for 20% your Tula order.

9. Diamond Glasses

How fun and classy are these? Such a great gift for your mom / mother in law / the hostess! Any good time loving girl in your life! I love these for a festive pop to any neutral table!

10. Portable Facial Humidifier

No one has time for dry skin-- even when you're on the go! I love this little guy and have him on my own list! I think it's a total game changer for your skincare routine and will make such a difference, I always love when they use these at a medspa!

11. 2020 Planner

Start 2020 off on the right foot with a cute + efficient planner. There's just something about keeping a physical planner that is so satisfying to me! This would be a great gift for your co-worker, the student in your life... the every girl!

12. Makeup Brush Set

#1 on my Christmas list-- makeup brushes! This set is cute, affordable and has so many great reviews!

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Gift Guide under $25

These are all great options that won’t break the bank! It can get expensive when you have a lot of people to buy for, but these options are all gifts that anyone would love!

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1. AirPod Case

Love these cute cases for your AirPods! It also comes with a hook that allows you to attach it to your keys and never lose them!

2. Glitter Eye Mask

Pop these in your refrigerator and grab them when you are feeling a little puffy. They feel SO good and are great for helping wake you up in the morning!

3. Charging Hub

A charger for your iPhone, Apple watching and Air pods all in one! This is so convenient and I love that it keeps you from having chords strung out everywhere. This may or not be under my tree for someone this year!

4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This is such a great gift idea for a Secret Santa gift exchange!

5. Faux Fur Earmuffs

Cold weather calls for these fluffy faux fur earmuffs!

6. Brümate

These are all the rage right now! They are a modern take on a koozie that will keep your drink super cold! Love the slim can design for hard seltzers too!

7. Sleeping Lip Mask

This lip mask will give you supple lips overnight! It is perfect to have on hand during the winter months.

8. Memory Foam Slipper

Warm and cozy slippers are a household staple! They are one of those things you don't realize you need them until you have them and then you never want to take them off!

9. Velvet Headband

I am loving the chunky headband trend right now! This braided velvet one is SO cute and such a cute gift idea.

10. Marble Beauty Sponge

These are my all time favorite thing to blend out my makeup with! Plus they look super cute even sitting out on your vanity!

11. Faux Fur Slipper Cute and cozy– I’m sold!

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

I could definitely use one of these cuties! Add a little calm into your room with some lavender essential oils and get some sleep in 2020-- thats a power move, honestly.

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