Charcuterie board 101 with Walmart Grocery Pickup

*this post is sponsored by Walmart, but all thoughts & opinions are my own*

Nothing says entertaining quite like a charcuterie board! It’s such a quick and fun thing to put out for guests and Walmart Pickup makes it even easier to swing by and grab the necessary items. I am literally sitting in my hair appointment ordering my groceries for pickup because I won’t have much time afterwards and we’re going to a friends house for dinner tonight!

Walmart’s grocery pickup makes it easier than ever to get everything on your list without forgetting anything (or grabbing too much)! You can get everything from groceries and party supplies to cookware and outdoor supplies– all with the click of a button! PLUS you don’t even have to get out of the car to pick up your items, a Walmart associate will bring your items right to your car and load everything up. The best part: Walmart grocery pickup is FREE, so, you still get to enjoy their everyday low prices.

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What you’ll need:
Cheese *of course* — I prefer a mix of soft, semi-soft and hard (just to make sure you have a little something for everyone’s preferences):
+ soft: brie, goat
+ semi-soft: gouda, chedder
+ hard: parmesan
2. Meats — again, your safest bet is an assortment so all of your guests have something they enjoy
+ prosciutto
+ salami
+ deli meat: turkey/ham
3. Crackers
+ you can get a variety pack, which makes it simple
+ fresh baguette
+ nut thins (or another gluten free option)
4. Condiments
+ dijon mustard
+ grape/strawberry jam
+ fig or apricot spread
+ honey
5. Additions
+ Dried fruits — like cranberries and apricots
+ Olives
+ Sun-dried tomatos
+ Pickles
+ Figs
+ Grapes
6. Nuts
+ Walnuts
+ Almonds
+ Pistachios <– will need an extra bowl for shells
7. Something sweet
+ Chunks of dark and milk chocolate
+ Chocolate covered acai berries
+ Dark chocolate almonds
8. Garnishes — herbs/leaves make the board pretty and add a fragrant