Goal setting for 2020

Before we set some intentional goals to kick off the new year, I wanted to chat a little about today’s look because it is entirely on SALE… which ties back into one of my goals for this month, so kEeP rEaDiNg 😉

I am a total sucker for a well structured wool coat, I think it adds a chic touch to any winter look. I love how they can be super dressy or casual, too! I picked this one up in a size medium so I could wear it over top of chunky sweaters and not feel like a marshmallow, and I love how it fits!

These high rise mom jeans are also a new fav of mine! They have just the right about of distressing (without huge holes showing your skin, a great fit and length and this wash is perfect for all year long. I got these in a size 26 and definitely think they fit true to size!

It’s that time of year where everyone is chatting New Years resolutions… and while I am all for resolutions and NeW yEaR nEw Me moments, I want to start this decade a little more intentional and life giving.

When the last decade started in 2010, you would have found a 16 year old Maddie chasing a boy (spoiler alert, it was Sam) and chasing approval from others. I was probably setting goals like apply less heat to my hair throughout the week and workout 6x a week. Goals that wouldnt actually be bringing anything real to my life… but that Maddie needed to figure this out on her own. That Maddie needed to figure out that she strong + capable.

Over the last 10 years I graduated high school, fell in REAL love, watched my parents get divorced, went to college, watched people I love choose to go down scary paths, gained independence, moved to NYC for a summer, had a successful long distance relationship, thought I figured out what I wanted to be when I *grew up* (spoiler alert, I was wrong), got Bowman, started my first business, graduated college, moved to Orlando, met some of my best friends, failed at things I desperately wanted, spent a lot of time finding myself, got engaged to my best friend, bought our house together, quit my steady day job, took OTTEstyle full time, MARRIED SAM, started Manchester Coffee Co., second guessed myself because of my failures, felt empowered from my successes.

I say of this to bring me here– I’m not going to set year long unattainable resolutions that will feel too big to conquer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pushing myself to achieve my wildest dreams. Those dreams got me HERE! But, I want to start setting monthly goals that range from organization to business to personal. Some months I’ll crush them, other months might crush me… and that’s all okay. 2020, we’re coming for you.

January 2020 Goals–
+ each week choose one room in our house to organize and declutter
+ cook something new twice a week… I own so many cookbooks and this month I’m putting them to use
+ read a book to better our businesses
+ set goals for our businesses in 2020 unrelated to cash flow
+ put a plan in place for how Sam and I will personally save money this year
+ spend the first hour of my day (5 days a week) off technology… whether that’s reading, cleaning the house… etc.
+ start everyday with lemon water and not coffee

There you have it– nothing ground breaking! These 5 goals all have a common theme: unplugged downtime to better myself and a mental deep breath. Something I wasn’t even aware I wanted/needed until I wrote these goals down… your brain has a funny way of revealing what you truly want when you allow it to do it’s thing.

How are you tackling 2020?