4-Step Evening Skincare Routine


I have naturally really dry skin so the winter air + temps don’t help my case! Luckily, a good, consistent skincare routine cures all. I can always tell my face needs to switch things up when my makeup starts to wear differently… whether that is right after initial application or several hours of wear. I noticed that my skin was showing some texture throughout the day and I wanted to add an exfoliator + deep hydration into my nightly routine… since I tend to keep my AM routine pretty minimal (aka so I’ll actually commit and do it consistently).

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I want to share the 4-step process that is saving my skin this winter season:

STEP ONE // purifying facial cleaner
I love how this gently removes makeup and cleanses your skin! It isn’t drying or irritating and leaves my face feeling clean and nourished!

STEP TWO // so polished exfoliating sugar scrub
I used to be afraid of exfoliators, but this one is gentle + effective. I would suggest starting out with it a couple of times a week to see how your skin reacts to an exfoliator! It smells amazing and leaves your skin more smooth + bright!

STEP THREE // hello radiance illuminating serum
A little goes a long way! This product leaves your skin even toned and hydrated. It helps combat dark spots (aka residual acne scars) and dullness… just reveals an all around brighter complexion!

STEP FOUR // beauty sleep overnight repair treatment
This is such a deep hydration for your skin, while still being light enough to not clog your pores and cause any breakouts. Depending on how dry your skin is, you could alternate this with the 24/7 moisturizer! I use it nightly, but once winter is over I might start alternating when I need it a little less.

BONUS STEP// nourishing face mask
I use a mask once or twice a week, depending on how much makeup I’ve had to wear that week or if I’ve traveled recently. This just resets your face and get’s all of the hydration that you are lacking. This one feels amazing on your skin and leaves your face feeling radiant, hydrated and bright! If I am feeling a little puffy in my face I’ll pop it in the refrigerator for an hour before putting it on for a little extra de-puff.