My Billie Favorites

I wanted to chat in detail today about a few of my favorite products from Billie! Y’all are probably familiar with their cult favorites– the razor + shave cream, but did you know they recently launched a few more products?

On the off chance that this is the first time you’re hearing about this brand, let me bring you up to speed– they are a better beauty line with clean ingredients… I’m talking: no sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, GMOs, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, fragrances, cheap foaming agents, unstable silicones or BHT. Great! Sign me up. Here’s the run down a few of my favorites:

I, like most people, was totally influenced to check out the Billie razor and shave cream for myself… and it lives up to the hype! So, when I saw that they were coming out with new products I knew I had to give them a try… and they have quickly become a part of my everyday routine.

One of my favorite parts is that you can sign up for auto ship on any of these products so you never have to worry about running out and being without one of your favorites! Too easy + convenient.

I suggest the razor starter kit to get going– comes with the razor, shave cream, travel case + magnetic holder… a winning combo! Best part– this all was started in an effort to bring you a better shave at a better price! So everything is priced super fairly for an AMAZING product.

These wipes are amazing, I keep a pack on my bathroom sink for my nighttime routine and a pack in my car for post gym. The wipe itself is plant based and super gentle, but effective! It is packed with good things for your skin, too.. so while you’re removing makeup and dirt, you’re adding hyaluronic acid for hydration and vitamin c for brightness.

This dry shampoo takes me back to the days of shaking powder into my hair to remove oil… but of course they ramped this product up to get the job done + be good for your hair and scalp. This bad boy is part dry shampoo, part volumizer… sign me up! It comes in light hair and dark hair, so it’ll blend for everyone! It’s packed with biotin to promote hair growth and smoothness, so guilt free application!

Last but not least, the lip balm that I now can’t live without. I have the classic (clear and unflavored) one in my nightstand to apply before bed, sorbet in my makeup bag for a subtle swipe of pink and fig in my purse when I need a pop of color mid day. All of them are super hydrating and not sticky– so great for everyday application. I love the subtle tones, they really add a little life into your lips… like a little pick me up!