How To Style Graphic Tees

No surprise that I love a graphic tee– specifically a band tee! They’re comfy + fun and can be worn a million different ways! I’ll do a huge roundup and just focus on tees here in the next week (so stay tuned on stories), I wanted to share a few (nine exact) ways to style a tee and make it your own.

How to style edgy graphic tees

You can’t go wrong with an all out, edgy take on an oversized graphic tee. This one isn’t quite long enough to wear as a dress, so I added a pair of distressed shorts + patterned tights. I love layering a flannel on top, this one is oversized and super comfy. I pulled it all together with a paid of combat boots– these are my favorite because they’re leather and not super stiff.

How to style graphic tees for loungewear

While I loved playing dress up in my own closet and putting together some fun looks… this is the reality of what I’ve been wearing most days. I am obsessed with this oversized, vintage inspired sweatshirt. I wear it almost everyday at some point because it is so comfortable and easy to throw on.

How to style casual graphic tees for everyday

This is what you’ll most likely catch me wearing from day to day– distressed denim + a cropped graphic tee. I cut the end off of this one on my own, which is super easy to do and a great way to minimize how much you tuck into your pants (aka much more flattering).

How to style oversized graphic tees

This tee is actually long enough to be a dress… it might even be called a dress online? Either way– I’m wearing it here as a dress, but I added a pair of tights just to be safe…. you could be extra safe and add biker shorts. If you can’t find an actual graphic t-shirt dress, you could always order up 2 sizes and pull it off!

How to style graphic tees with paid pants and graphic tees

A pair of plaid kicky pants is a fun way to edge up any look… these might not be for everyone but they sure are cute. I love that they’re so comfortable– they’re light joggers but considered more of a ‘real pant’.

How to style graphic tees

Another version of an outfit you could probably find me in on any given day. Here’s a good graphic tee tip– if you need to pull an outfit together then you can always add a plaid shirt… even if you just tie it around your waist.

How to dress up edgy graphic tees

Here’s a fun way to wear a graphic tee for a night out– I love leather shorts + tights combo! So flirty + edgy! I chose an extra cropped tee so it wasn’t too much to tuck in and you could still see your shape!

How to style graphic tees for loungewear

This is comfy + cute– think running errands or coffee date! I love these joggers and wearing them with a leather jacket is such a good comprise for a dressed up, but down graphic tee look.

How to style casual graphic tees for everyday

This is what I like to call– when in doubt, add a hat! This outfit is cute without the hat, but it definitely takes the look up a notch. Any oversized tee will look good with a pair of leggings and sneakers though!!

Here’s some things that caught my eye, some of which I bought and will be sharing later this week when it’s delivered: