3 tips for beginner plant parents:

Before we get to the plant goodness, I want to share some details on my outfit. My outfit is head-to-toe one of my favorite brands: Levi’s. I feel like it’s such classic brand with styles + fits that never go out of style and I love their environmental initiatives through more sustainable clothing. I can look good + feel good about it in my Levi’s.

I love the fit of the Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket, it’s a more relaxed fit jacket while still maintaining a flattering shape and structure. Y’all know I’m a sucker for graphic tees, so, when I saw THIS elevated basic with a nod to plants I knew I needed it! I love that it has a subtle cropped fit, while still being long enough to not expose your midriff– such a great, modern fit. The real star of the show: Levi’s Wedgie Fit Ankle Jeans! My favorite pair of jeans for their fit + comfort… you can wear them all day long and still feel like they maintain a flattering shape.

Now for the plant tips… let’s start off with my favorite reminder of all: PLANTS SHOULD BE FUN!!! And for me, they’re super relaxing! So, take all of the pressure and stress out of it– you’ve got this, sister! But, I am also the queen of wanting to do things and do them well… so here are a few tips I wish I had known when I brought home my first houseplant!

  1. Don’t be a helicopter plant parent: which semi goes hand-in-hand with the above little rant. If you’re worried and stressed about keeping your plant alive, you’re going to take all of the fun out of it for you and you’ll probably end up over watering or moving your plant around the house too much trying to make it happy or repotting it thinking it’s a pot issue… which will only stress the plant out (and yourself) and not really give it anytime to just adjust! Less truly is more when it comes to plants!

    In the beginning of my plant parenting, I found myself wanting to do something for my plants every single day… so, I bought more so someone gets attention every single day and that scratched the itch (since I don’t recommend watering every plant on the same day since they all are different plants, in different spots with different light and different pots…).
  2. With the above being said– don’t overwater (or underwater)! I know, I know… that’s super hard to find the ‘sweet spot‘ but get to know your plant by doing a bit of research to see it’s preferences and also when in doubt: do the finger check! I have this saved to my Instagram story highlights but basically– stick your finger up to your knuckle into the plant’s soil, if you feel moisture or see particles on your finger when you remove it from the soil then it can wait a couple of more days till needing to be watered.

    When I bring a new plant home, I stick my finger in it’s soil everyday almost for the first week to see how fast it is drinking up that water… just really getting to know the plant, pot and light location. That also is a good time to check in, pick off any dead leaves, see if it has any pests on the leaves/in the soil… you know, overall wellness check.

    3. Be patient and have fun! Which I have touched on above… but honestly just give yourself some grace! I still kill plants sometimes, I still lose leaves and can’t figure out what’s wrong with the plant. But I love the challenge of a new plant and love the joy it gives me to solve a problem if they struggle and then watch them thrive!