Everyday Skincare Routine

Skincare is something I have really started focusing on over the last few years and something I enjoy sharing with y’all. I have sensitive, dry skin so I can’t (and don’t) try everything under the sun… I just stick to brands I know and love (and can fully trust) and switch things up from time to time to make sure I am giving my skin what it needs. I am aging (DUH! Aren’t we all) and therefore I’m trying to take small preventive measures, without going overboard to keep my skin looking healthy, dewy and nourished. I love TULA and have talked about my experience since making the switch a couple years ago, it truly changed my skincare game for the better!!

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I think a flawless makeup application starts with a clear and healthy canvas, so if you are noticing your makeup going on a little different… try adding (or taking something away) from your skincare regimen. I DO get a breakout from time to time, especially when it’s super inconvenient and I have an event or shoot (of course)… So I was THRILLED when TULA announced their latest product line of acne defense (HERE). I’ve added it into my routine the last couple of weeks and I was *lucky* (lol) enough to even have a pimple (or three) to try the SPOT TREATMENT out on (spoiler alert: I’m obsessed).

But before I get too carried away… Let’s chat about why you’re probably here– my current step-by-step skincare routine!

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** I like to keep my AM routine as simple as possible with three quick steps… if the routine is short and effective, i’ll stick to it better!

STEP ONE: super calm cleanser— to start my day off fresh! This cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and nourished without irritating it.

STEP TWO: pH resurfacing gel— which acts as a toner to help balance my skin tone, for best results apply this to clean skin.

STEP THREE: moisturizing lotion— to keep my skin hydrated and get it ready for a flawless makeup application. I love this lotion because it’s created for sensitive skin, so it hydrates and reduces redness overtime!

PRE MAKEUP STEP ONE: I added the blurring and moisturizing primer to my routine a few months ago and could not be happier! It adds a subtle healthy glow beneath your makeup, but it is also so so pretty alone, too (if you want a *barely there* makeup look).

PRE MAKEUP STEP TWO: I use the glow and get it eye balm under my makeup for an instantly brighter and more hydrated under eye! This goes on SO well and preps the skin for makeup (reduces the appearance of fine lines) but is also a great step for that barely there makeup look on top on the primer!

MIDDAY MAKEUP REFRESH: I also love the rose glow and get it eye balm for over the makeup refresh! This balm has all of the same benefits as the one above, but with a gorgeous warm glow! The glow on this one is a little more subtle, which makes it perfect for over the makeup application! The perfect little midday pick me up!


STEP ONE: cleansing oil— this works great for gently removing makeup efficiently, while adding a layer of moisture!

STEP TWO: resurfacing gel— like the AM routine, but this time I apply to my neck as well

STEP THREE: 24/7 day & night cream— this cream is a little thicker, so I stick to it at night. I am super dry so this does a great job at hydrating my face all night long without irritating it and causing breakouts!

ACNE: spot treatment– speaking of breakouts, I was SOOOO excited when TULA announced they were launching a spot treatment! I don’t break out often, but when I do I have struggled with finding a product that was gentle but effective (without an Rx). I got to try this before it officially launched (it’s live TODAY) and I even had a pimple to give it a go on! I swear my spot was gone after one morning and night of application! IT WAS MAGIC!! The redness was gone from the spot after just one application! My favorite thing about it is that it goes on clear, so you CAN WEAR IT UNDER MAKEUP!!!

I also use the acne foam cleanser and clearing/tone correcting gel when I am about to have *that time of the month* or a little extra stressed or just feel a breakout coming on– this has actually just stopped a few from ever coming up! IF you have consistently acne prone skin, I would suggest using this for your normal cleanser / moisturizer routine! It will help with blemishes AND keep your skin healthy and hydrating– these don’t try you our and leave you red and irritated! Grab the three part acne set HERE for a lower cost!