Winter Skincare Routine with TULA

I’ll let y’all in on a little secret– TULA skincare products save lives. Okay, that could be super dramatic… but it’s pretty dang close. I am SO dry this time of year, but my skin hasn’t even noticed a change in the temperature thanks to my latest skincare products! I started introducing TULA products into my routine over a year ago but just went full on TULA exclusive about two months ago. Y’all, I am THAT convinced they are the best skincare line out there.  I have SUPER sensitive skin so I’m usually a little apprehensive to try new products, but these haven’t irritated my skin at all– if anything, they have calmed it down!  If you’re nervous to change it up completely, just start by adding in a new item each month– I recommend starting with their cleanser and then the resurfacing gel. If you’re feeling a little more brave and want to dive in head first (I wish I had) then I suggest trying out THIS holiday set which includes the: cleanser, resurfacing gel, day/night cream, treatment pads and a cosmetic bag *at 40% savings*.

MY EXPERIENCE SINCE CHANGING TO TULA PRODUCTS: I barely ever have a breakout anymore, I haven’t had any uneven texture and my skin is much more hydrated since using these products consistently and exclusively. I will say I don’t have very problematic skin to begin with, my two biggest issues are: 1. dryness and 2. sensitivity! These products have combatted both of those issues and I am O B S E S S E D! I have struggled with dryness (which leads to uneven texture) since I was a teenager and this winter is the first one where my skin hasn’t even skipped a beat– it has been such a relief. Here’s what my skincare routine has looked like the last few months:


I like to give my skin a fresh start each day, so I begin my morning with the purifying cleanser! After I have gotten all of my nighttime products off and properly woken my skin up, I add a little pH resurfacing gel which acts as a toner to help balance my skintone. I was intimidated by toners for years and was convinced they would only dry my skin out even more, but that definitely hasn’t been my experience with this one– I honestly think this is the one product that has made the greatest difference in my skin evenness. Next up I add moisturizer all over my face (I’m currently out of this one, so that’s why it’s not pictured… I might be guilty of over applying this one)! I used to use a R E A L L Y expensive cream moisturizer and it just didn’t absorb nearly as nice as this one does! Right before I apply my makeup, I’ll usually put the power liquid all over my face (note: I only add this extra layer of moisture in the dryer months or after traveling). My skin is sooo hydrated and not sticky after using this product, perfect to apply before makeup! Next up I address my under eye bags because they ain’t cute in the morning with an eye renewal serum that is caffeine packed and is applied with a cooling metal tip… it’s magic and feels amazing!  PRO TIP: keep it in the fridge for an E X T R A cool application!


My nighttime routine looks very similar as far as structure, but I change up and add just a couple products! I use a cleansing oil (not pictured because #out) instead of the purifying cleanser because it aids in removing makeup AND adds a layer of moisture. Then I will use the same resurfacing gel and hydrating moisturizer on my face AND neck now. I apply the power liquid at night year round because you can’t ever sleep in enough moisture IMO. Next up (like daytime) is the eyes but this time I go all out and apply an eye cream, which is thicker than the serum and perfect for night time application. After all that you should be set for a good nights sleep!

As for additional skincare, sometimes (especially after traveling) I like to rotate a couple masks for hydration and detox/recovery. My favorite mask to apply is the kefir recovery and my favorite sheet mask is the energizing and brightening.

TULA also offers some amazing sets curated just for the holidays!! The Moisture Magic set would be a perfect stocking stuffer with their day/night cream and purifying cleanser or the Rockin Radiance set would make a great addition to a gift box

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If y’all try out any new TULA products DM more or shoot me an email and let me know which ones you’re loving!! Xx.