First Time Homeowner: Four Things I Learned This Year





Mama we m a d e it– one whole year of being a homeowner. S/o to my partner in crime and sidekick Bowman, without you this house wouldn’t be a home. When I first set out on this *adventure* I searched the inter web high and low trying to gather some tips and tricks on making my house a home… and while there are many, many articles out there claiming to disclose the things they learned in the first year of owning a home, most of those only say things like “use a ceiling fan to cut down on costs”. While that’s all good and fine, it wasn’t the tricks I was looking for. And sorry if mine aren’t what you’re looking for, BUT, here are F O U R things I’ve learned this year:


  1. PLAN AHEAD: things will break; expenses will pop up out of no where and slap you upside the head– so plan accordingly. Whether you keep a little rainy day stash in a mason jar in the cabinet or start an account at your bank like a super grown up… whatever your style is, just think ahead.
  2. BE PATIENT: she isnt going to look like the house of your dreams overnight… you’re not Joanna Gaines (unless you are, then HIIIIIII CALL ME), so don’t worry about having everything decorated in a week. It takes time to get your house in working order, so focus on the bones first; everything else will come in its own time.
  3. IT WON’T ALWAYS LOOK PERFECT: and it shouldn’t! Homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed– so invite your friends over, cook up a storm and pile on the couch… make some memories in your house because thats what will truly make it feel like a home!
  4. GET THE PET: while y’all know I had B before I bought this house, it wouldn’t be the home it is today without his little soul living inside of it. Pets truly do make a house a home! Yes there is hair from top to bottom but I wouldn’t trade my puppy cuddles for the world. Seeing his face light up at the door when I get home makes my day instantly.