What I Eat in a Day


It’s nothing ground breaking, it’s not even that exciting but I’ve gotten a few questions about it since I work from home (i.e. I eat at home a lot). Before I get started in what I eat, I wanted to note that I do Intermittent Fasting– meaning, I don’t eat from about 8pm til noon the next day. It’s part of the TRIM bootcamp, which I have talked about on social media several times. IF is a little challenging for about the first week, but your body adjusts and it feels GREAT once it does. IF just provides your body with ample time to fully digest everything consumed the day before, which takes about 16 hours. If you’re interested in learning more about TRIM, you can read about it HERE and join the next 7 week program– starting on October 8th (use code maddie10 at checkout for $10 off)! During the twelve hours of the day that I am eating, here’s what I usually grab:

8:00am: coffee with nut pods creamer *for IF you shouldn’t consume more than 50 calories before you break your fast to keep your body in a fasted state*

noon-ish: I’ll usually break my fast with a green apple and almond butter, yogurt with raspberries or blueberries (to naturally sweeten), Ezekiel bread with mashed strawberries (I try to avoid as much sugar as possible, which jam is usually loaded with) or a green smoothie (my favorite is kale, green apple, pineapple, coconut water) — note: I don’t eat all of these, just one of them and I rotate them throughout the week

2:30pm: this is when I’ll do a light lunch– I’ve found with working from home (and IF) I do better if I lightly snack throughout the day on healthy alternatives. This usually looks like an arugula salad with grilled chicken topped with almond slivers, olive oil and lemon, or veggies and gluten free pretzels (I like GF items because of taste only, not really for dietary purposes) with hummus, charcuterie board (prosciutto, cheese, pepperoni, almonds, nut thins, pistachios, pickles)

4pm: I’m usually ready for a little mid afternoon pick me up here, so I’ll do another cup of coffee (this time with the good sugar free flavored creamer) with some fruit– apples, peaches, strawberries, and pineapples are my favorites. I’ve also been into trader joes kettle corn lately so I’ll grab a handful of that.

6:30pm: S and I usually do dinner around this time– and this is where I struggle the most. If we eat out I like to try and get a good salad or *if I’m picking* we’ll do sushi! If we eat in I always do a protein (like chicken or steak, I haven’t mastered cooking fish at home), veggies (brussel sprouts are my favorite) and a starch/grain (I like brown rice, S loves all the carbs so I try to make them for him and stay away… but I usually always do a scoop haha no self control).

8:00pm: I don’t always have a sweet tooth but when I do, it’s at night. This is also when my fast is supposed to start, so I try to make it small and easy– usually a peppermint patty cause they’re my favorite… although lately I’ve been into mini break and bake cookies. Like, why. Also, Yasso bars are life– I like the coffee chip and chocolate fudge.


Now y’all this is what a typical good day looks like– if S is able to get away for lunch and wants to grab chick-fil-a I’M ALWAYS GOING TO GO. I can’t say no to the good, christian chicken. Weekends and when I’m traveling also look a little different. There are times when I am always on the good diet path, and others when I’m a little more relaxed about what I consume. Before the wedding, I was on a war path– no dairy, no soda, nothing good and from the lord haha. Right now I am trying to stick to an 80/20 rule, where I’m eating clean-ish about 80% of the time and the other 20% I’m living my best Diet Coke life.

So, if you’re wondering what I eat during that 20%– it’s usually chocolate (or because it’s October, pumpkin flavored), fries, sour patch kids (or any gummy candy), a latte or pizza. There I said it.