Fall Bucket List


If y’all haven’t figured it out by now, fall is my favorite season! I know all of the PSLs can make me basic but it’s so much more than that, too! It’s chilly morning walks with hot coffee, it’s early sunsets and soup for dinner, it’s s’mores and bonfires and football games… with each new season brings new energy and fresh inspiration.

Here’s my 2018 fall to do list:
1. watch hocus pocus twelve times, at least… for those doing the math at home, that’s about 2.5 times a week until Halloween.
2. visit my local apple orchard and refuse to leave until I have consumed an apple slushy, apple doughnut and grabbed an apple pie to go
3. have s’mores by a bonfire… bonus points for a chilly night that actually requires the fire AND a blanket
4. go to my local pumpkin patch and locate the perfect assortment of pumpkins for our front porch arrangement
5. purchase every pumpkin flavored candle I come into contact with from now until halloween
6. visti a haunted house / haunted trail — S and I used to go to these in high school, I totally only went so he’d hold my hand haha
7. find B the perfect puppy halloween costume, cause he totally goes trick or treating
8. binge watch all of my favorite childhood halloween movies (see my review of movies HERE)
9. spend the day baking fall treats– would y’all be interested in recipes for what I serve on Halloween?
10. indulge in plenty of autumnal hot drinks– PSL *my version, see Instagram*, cider… etc.