Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

As you’ve probably seen on Instagram Stories, I am sharing my daily makeup routine– which is probably why you’re here! YAY! I did want to point out that the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Sale is open to all Insiders from today until Monday, 5/6 (in store and online)!


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Your makeup routine will never fully live up to its potential unless you start with a clean and healthy canvas. Spring and summer skincare *for me* is completely different than fall and winter. I can finally lay off the heavy cream moisturizers that keep my skin dewy in the winter and now I can allow my skin to breathe a little. I always take a seasonal change as an opportunity to try out new products, before going back and purchasing my tried and true ones. Last week I shared 6 skincare product you need for spring, you can check it out HERE.

I always start with a clean face and move right into applying my favorite products for hydration. Most mornings (year round) I will wear THIS mask around the house while I drink my coffee and check emails, I love how it makes my skin feel after I wash it off. THIS one y’all hear my talk about a lot because it is so good! I swear it is a cure all. It’s heavy enough for the winter but also light enough for the summer… it’s like sisterhood of the traveling pants for skincare.

Here are some skincare products I use already + some I have in my cart:

After my skin is clean and moisturized, I move onto primer– THIS one is so good at creating that flawless base and helping your makeup to go on smooth + last all day. I also love that it doesn’t clog my pores and cause a breakout. I was afraid of primer for years because I thought this was what always happened when you applied them, while that might be true for others on the market that definitely isn’t the case with this one.

Next up is a slightly new step and one that I have become obsessed with very quickly! I apply THIS sheer foundation for an all over glow. I love that it makes my face look healthy and dewy! On most days I just use this product as my foundation and roll with it, I don’t mind seeing my freckles sometimes! If I am wanting a little more coverage or feeling like my complexion is looking a little uneven that day, I’ll opt for adding a layer of THIS foundation on top– a little goes a long way with this one. I swear by both of these products and know that applying both is a little overkill, so you would be set if you just chose one and went with it. The first product mentioned would provide light to moderate coverage depending on how much product you used (because it is really buildable) and the second product is more full coverage from the start. I apply both of these with THIS damp blender.

After foundation I apply concealer– I have and always will only use THIS! It is the best one out there! I love that it’s in a pot so I can really warm it up on my finger before applying it onto my skin, providing a much more flawless application! I apply the concealer under my eyes in a triangle with THIS damp blender and on any uneven spots on my skin or areas that I want to be a little brighter. I choose the lightest color on this product not only because I am pretty fair, but I also prefer a bright under eye.

To set the concealer, I use THIS powder on THIS damp blender. This step is the key to using concealer. If you don’t set it, it WILL settle into your fine lines (even if you’re 12) and pores and you will be so annoyed… trust me, been there. I legit just started wearing concealer about 2 years ago because I never knew about setting powder and I was always so confused as to how other girls got their concealer to look so flawless… it’s because of powder. It truly doesn’t matter how you apply it, I just prefer using a blender because that’s what I already have out.

After my face is all covered and set, it looks really one dimensional and flat–which is scary and deffff how I wore it in high school. So this is my favorite step to see– I go in with THIS bronzer. It is very important to stay in the three shape when applying this. I’m definitely not saying you have to contour harsh lines into your face, but this is a very flattering way to give your face a little shape and dimension. You can use any fluffy brush you have to apply this, I just bought THIS one from the sale so I’m excited to try it out… y’all know I don’t take my brushes seriously, so I’m trying here.

Next up I add a little highlight! I start with THIS cooling and brightening balm, but I will say it is not on Sephora and therefore not included in the sale BUT you can still get 20% off with my code: maddie. And because you can never have too much highlight, I add another one that I just started using– THIS one is the prettiest color and I am hooked! I love the glow is gives your face– so pretty for summer.

After my face is all done, I move onto eyes and eye brows! My everyday eye makeup is actually very minimal, just something flattering to my eye shape. I love THIS palette– it has so many options and is great for a simple daytime look and also a glam nighttime look. I use THIS eyebrow pencil and swear by it, it’s the only one I trust.

After all of this is done, I top the look off with my favorite lip gloss. I love THIS one, but it’s definitely a splurge. I have recently been reaching for THIS one and I love how it feels. Both are a clear gloss, so it’s perfect for wearing during the day. If I am wanting a little color THIS is the lip paint I swear by, I wear it in shade: birthday suit.