Festival Season: What I Wore + Tips

As y’all probably just saw all over Instagram, I was recently at Revolve Festival in Indio, California (along with basically every other influencer under the sun). It was such a fun + sun filled weekend and I walked away with a ton of amazing memories and plenty of know how and tips for next year!

What I Wore:

I also wore a ton of outfits (and have shared most of them on Instagram already) that I am excited to compile in one comprehensive list for y’all. They’re here for you to use for inspiration for other festivals this season you might be attending, but I didn’t wear one thing that I don’t plan to rewear for other occasions soon. So, even if you’re not attending any festivals this year, you’ll be able to walk away from this post with tons of inspo for the coming season– western is really in, so it works. I think that a lot of people get swept up in ‘festival wear’ and spend money on things that will literally never be worn again… not me. I have shared how and where I plan to wear these items again in my story highlights called ‘revolve festival’.

Tips and Tricks:

There are tons of festivals coming up this spring and summer, including a few that are on my bucket list– hi, stagecoach and bonnaroo! This is only the second festival I’ve gone to, I went to gov ball in New York a few years ago but the information and tips remain the same for all of them.

  • ATTIRE: You will definitely want to wear a hat, they are fashionable AND functional at a festival. There is very little shade at these things, especially if you’re at one in the desert, so the hat will be a nice little relief in the middle of the grounds. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes WITH socks! You’re standing and walking a ton *duh* but don’t forget to wear socks, your feet will sweat and you will get blisters if you’re not careful here. I definitely suggest wearing a dress because these places are SO hot and you will want to wear something breezy. Here is how I spent my money wisely for festival: I invested in cute dresses to be worn again to other occasions, saved on shoes and accessories. Your shoes will get covered in dust and sand because #desert, so don’t wear anything you can’t clean or throw away! I also chose accessories to jazz up my look and make it look a little more ‘festival ready’, like my fanny pack for $15.
  • HYDRATE: That sun and desert will zap you– best way to stay on top of your game is adequately hydrating before, during and after the festival! I brought my own Healthishco bottle to keep with me at all times and refill (but you can’t take this into the festival grounds). I would even look into some electrolyte powders– my favorite is DripDrop! Recovery is key at these things.
  • PATIENCE: It’s like Disney World– be prepared for lines and lots of waiting! Totally worth it in the end, but don’t come into this thinking it will all be super easy. There will be traffic for parking, lines for shuttles, lines to get your bands, lines at the food/drink spots on the grounds.. basically everywhere you turn– LINE! But thats okay, just don’t expect to do anything quick at a festival.
  • PLAN AHEAD: You will have spotty cell service at the festival, so make sure you and your friends come up with time stamps and meeting places in case you get separated!
  • COME PREPARED: Here is what I suggest bringing in your fanny pack or backpack: deodorant (you know…), band aids (for potential blisters), sunscreen (do not underestimate the sun) and hand sanitizer (because of portapottys). These are essential!
  • HAVE FUN! Remember, it is what you make it.

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