Fall Skincare Routine

I don’t change my skincare routine often, but before our wedding in May I was determined to perfect my routine and make sure I was blemish free on the big day. We got engaged in October (of last year) and by November I was in full swing wedding prep mode– starting with my skin. I started narrowing in on this routine by the beginning of this year, with five months to go until our wedding, and I am still sticking to it because it’s THAT good!

I have really sensitive skin, so some of my products aren’t that fun– but they get the job done and keep me from getting irritated. I also have really dry skin, which is good for blemishes but bad for makeup application. So my day to day skincare routine involves a gentle cleanser, a lot of moisture, and (because I’m not in my mid twenties *yikes*) anti-aging products. I have my entire routine below, step-by-step. I swear by this routine and have for the last ten months! NOTE: I do all four steps TWICE a day– morning and night!

THIS cleanser has been in my rotation for about three years, but it wasn’t until October of last year that I stopped hopping around with my cleanser and decided to stick with this one for good. Once I did, a lot of my irritation subsided and my skin reacted really well to a routine gentle cleanser.

I was nervous about adding a toner because they can be drying and I am dry enough on my own, but THIS one had reviews that were claiming it balanced your skin like a toner while adding moisture– I was ready to give it a shot. This was the last item I added to my arsenal, but the one that showed the most drastic results! I have always had pretty even skin tone, but I knew it could always improve and this toner gel really took it to the next level!

Next up I moisturize with THIS and it is *like it’s name claims* MAGIC! It adds moisture without being too thick and clogging my pores! I feels amazing on the skin and I apply it twice daily, but I want to apply it like 10 times a day.

Fourth is THIS under eye serum that I love! The smell isn’t great, but it really helps combat the dark circles and puffiness I can get around my eyes– no thanks! It’s full of serious sounding ingredients and I don’t know what they all do, but together they make me look awake and fresh and that’s a win in my book!

Last is THIS product that I apply before my makeup, which is a few hours after I do this routine in the morning. It might not be what you’re supposed to do, but my makeup goes on much better when I’m moisturized, so I just pile it all on! Feels amazing and at a great price.


While the above is what I do every single day, there are days when my skin needs a little something extra. Whether it’s in preparation for a big event or returning from a trip and need a little skin detox, these are the products I reach for in my time of need:

I sleep on THIS pillowcase every night– not only does it help prevent wrinkles, it also helps your hair not tangle! I love to use THIS when I’m feeling a little puffy under my eyes or just need a little mid day me moment! I apply THESE after traveling to add a little moisture back under my eyes *bonus points if you’re brave enough to wear them in flight! THIS is my favorite sheet mask to add hydration … can you tell I struggle with dryness and always gravitate towards hydrating products?