How to Navigate Early Fall Style

Transitioning into fall is a delicate act– break out the sweaters and boots too soon and you’re liable to have a heart attack mid afternoon. To combat this issue early in the season, I like to pair my sweaters and boots with a skirt or shorts. I’m on the shorter side though, so sometimes booties and skirts can cut me off and do my legs no favors; these sock booties are a great remedy and actually make my legs appear longer than they are– win! They come in a lot of colors, but I love them in nude for this exact early fall issue (and they go with a tonnnn). This skirt is a fun color + pattern and, depending on how you style it, perfect for fall, spring and summer! I added this light sweater to pull the entire look together, I love it with jeans and sneakers for a casual day look, too! Top it off with a wide brim hat and BOOM! fall, y’all.

All in all this look screams fall to me (hold the heat stroke). I’ve also linked several other sweater + skirt + bootie + hat combos below for y’all!