Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Photos


*photos by Melanie Mauer

When it came time to take engagement photos, I was SO ready… Sam was the sweetest trooper and in it for as long as I wanted (what a keeper). The trick to successful engagement photos are to keep them simple, they’re supposed to be a reflection of y’all and your relationship. They should look and feel natural! I stuck with simple outfits that both of us were comfortable in– nothing over the top, I wanted to look back on these photos and remember us exactly how we REALLY were day to day (which wasn’t all dolled up in evening attire). Our photographer helped us keep it super light and fun and nothing about our time in front of the camera felt forced or posed…. trust me, you would have seen it all over my face. Melanie kinda let us do our thing…. and these unposed photos really were my favorites. It felt so much easier to be ourselves in front of the camera and I think it helped capture us in a very realistic way, which is so much more special *to me*. Of course Melanie set us up in the frame a little, but she really waited for us to start interacting and talking (or laughing at each other… I mean, with) to start snapping pictures– and that’s where the magic happens. It was those little moments when we forgot our picture was being taken that we really showed up and the proof is in the puddin’. I ADORE Sam and his heart and he is so good to me (far more than I deserve)– which I think is so apparent in these photos.  THIS is how I wanted to remember us in this short season of life. We won’t always be this young and we won’t ever have this season of engagement back, so I am so glad that our love was captured on this day in this way.

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SD and I are right in the middle of our engagement– we are officially under 100 days. So, here’s my two cents on engagement (for whatever it’s worth): We have the rest of our lives to be ‘husband and wife’, ‘dad and mom’ and for all the little happenings in between. This season is both trying and rewarding. It’s definitely hard to feel like you’re in a “holding period” until the ‘rest of your life’ can finally get started. But on the flip side, I think that’s why there is this season of engagement– it’s a time for preparation because everything will be so different from here on out (in the best way). This is the last bit of living alone with B, this is it for taking over the entire bathroom (and closet … and bed). I get to share a home and a life with SD for the rest of forever, but the anticipation for all of that goodness to finally arrive shouldn’t overshadow this time in between. Our engagement is only 6 months total, so I plan on soaking up every sweet and special moment it has to offer. Hard work and fruition and all that jazz… This is a season to be enjoyed in it’s own sweet capacity, we’ll never have this back. So, here’s to 3 more months of dating my fiancé, saying goodnight on the front porch and being able to snack in bed without anyone seeing. The BEST is yet to come.