Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Proposal

Asking some of the gals that make my life a little sweeter was one of the first things on my ‘bride to do list’. I couldn’t wait to ask them to stand by my side on one of the biggest days of my life. From childhood best friends to college best friends, these girls have impacted my life in the best ways possible. They have taught me how to laugh at myself and how to take things a little less seriously, but best of all they have all taught me how to be a better friend.







Matron of Honor: Kelsey Duff– the first of my big sisters and the best part? After S and I say ‘I do’ she’ll be my real SISTER (in law). A best friend and sister in law all wrapped into one. PLUS she’s currently cooking my little niece and flower girl inside her stomach. *Our* little Callahan June Duff is making her grand entrance this month and I’ll have a brand new little niece as a flower girl. Kels got married a couple years ago and at one of her showers we had to go around and say how we knew the bride… and since I am horrible at speaking in front of a crowd, the first thing that blurted out of my mouth was “I date Zak’s brother (her groom)”… which, to be fair, is true– but, our friendship is so much more than “dating brothers” (which is what we said for Y E A R S). Kelsey started dating Zak (sam’s brother) when they were in college and I was a sophomore in high school (sam was a junior)… for those keeping track, that was nine years ago. I can remember going to Sam’s junior prom and meeting Kelsey for the first time. Anyway, it was pretty much love at first sight for me and kelsey and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since. 

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Maid of Honor: Christina Robinson– the closest thing I have to an actual big sister… we look so much alike that people often take us for real life sisters (and have for forever… even our brothers look similar). My favorite childhood memories all include this one– from the baseball field to the country club and all the way back to Julie’s house. I have always looked up to her, everything she did when we were little was the ‘literal coolest’ and I am still convinced she is the only reason I was a tomboy for all those years. She has been in my life for as long as I can remember and B and I have been so lucky to have her live with us these last 6 months. Sisters and black lab co-parents FTW.

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Kelly Moore– my other big sister and best friend. I couldn’t have done high school and college without this one by my side (and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to). They say if a friendship lasts longer than seven years its meant for a lifetime– so, thanks for putting up with me all these years, Kel… and choosing to love me through all the awkward growing up phases. No matter h0w much I bleached my hair or swooped my bangs, I could always count on you to be there doing it with me. My favorite story about Kelbel is when I was a sophomore and she was a junior and I was curling her hair with some cheap iron and accidentally melted an entire chunk of hair off her head– we died laughing and crying and all the emotions. When I met kelly the summer before high school I knew we were going to be friends for life and we have been glued at the hip ever since. Kelbel, I love you to Aura and back (on NYE preferably). 

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Laikin Thompson– my little cousin and little sister (and the best little mom of all time). Watching you grow up into the most sincere and kind young woman has been amazing– and now seeing you with Kylen is even better. Although I’m older, I still look up to the mom and woman you’ve become! I am so proud of you. Thank you for being my real life baby doll for all those years…. and letting my practice my makeup skills on you.


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Sydney Schwab– cindy. sandy. candy. Y’all know I bless those that I love with many nicknames (i.e. bowman) and that is exactly what I’ve done to my Candy. When I think of Syd I can’t help but laugh because that’s all I do when I’m with her. It is physically impossible to be sad when you’re with Sydney… which was pretty handy because in college there was a door that only connected our rooms (not like a jack and jill bathroom… just a door from my room directly into hers). Some of my favorite college memories were spent on the opposite end of the couch from her ADHD twitching feet, slurping on a DQ frozen hot chocolate and watching trash tv… all while IG stalking dogs.

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Lesley Young– my forever roomie. Lesley and I cheered together at Kentucky Elite (JuCo YOU KNOW) when we were younger, but it wasn’t until sorority rush that we realized we needed to live together… like immediately. The week after rushing Tri Delt, we managed to switch roommates and dorms and move in together… and the rest was history. We went on to live together all four years of college– twiddle dee and twiddle dumb (I call being dee). There are V E R Y few people I could tolerate living in a cubicle with, but Lester is definitely at the top of that list. I knew it was a match made in heaven when one night we stayed up til 3am to watch The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia… it wasn’t much longer til we had (maybe the greatest idea of all our college years) to connect our twin dorm beds in the middle of the room to make one jumbo bed… if that aint love, I don’t know what is.

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Megan Cox– my MTC. Megan Thomas is an actual angel. She has taught me how to be a true friend. She is such a thoughtful and considerate human– I’m talking the kind of friend who makes you coffee and brings it to your room when she knows you had a long night studying, or buys you a card and candy after a long week… just thoughtful. Living with Meg for three years in college, I got to see first hand how amazing she is at making a house a home. She was the reason we had a little decorated tree in our teeny tiny house on Park and why candles were always lit.

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Grace Mullins– my first best friend. How lucky am I to have gotten to grow up with so many forever friends? Shoutouts to moms who pick great friends who then birth their children’s best friends. Growing up, my gracie lou was such a girlie girl and I was not *see below*… so when grace was putting on press on nails (with glue) at age 6, I had to give it a go. I can remember going home and my mom having to soak mine off immediately because they were literally everywhere– I’m talking glued to my knuckles, y’all… while grace’s looked professionally done. She has always made things look so easy. She holds true to her name and is full of grace. I love this one so good and feel so blessed to have done life with her for the last 24 years.

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Drew Duff– little boostie bean. She’s Sam’s younger cousin but I claim her as my own. My days were numbered getting to carry her around disney– as you can see below, her feet were already about to touch the ground. She’s definitely on her way to outgrowing me. I love this one *almost* as much as she loves her horses. It’s been a real treat watching Drew grow into a beautiful young woman.