What To Watch This Halloween


Fall is my favorite time of the year– the weather is ideal and I have never turned down a pumpkin spice anything. It’s a major holiday in my house when abc family (errr *freeform*) starts their 13 nights of halloween… and you already know I was mad ten ways to sunday when disney nixed their ‘monstober’…. it’s still a touchy subject, so I’ll spare y’all the rant. Anywho, here is what stirred this random post:

I’m sitting here planning a date night with S for tonight and since its less than a week til halloween, I obviously suggested a halloween movie at home. This could mean anything from halloween themed (i.e. not scary) to a horror film– I like them all… especially the classics. Here’s a run down of my top contenders:





  1. Halloweentown : this C L E A R L Y covers the entire franchise, including: Halloweentown: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High and Return to Halloweentown. All are great, but you can never truly replace Marnie in my eyes… Although I do love Sarah Paxton for trying.
  2. Hocus Pocus : because is it really halloween if you don’t spend it with the Sanderson Sisters? No. The answer is A L W A Y S no.
  3. Casper: my spirit animal and the friendliest ghost around! He’s like the pillsbury dough boy of ghosts (i.e. ME)
  4. Under Wraps: can we just all take a moment and question what our parents were thinking when they let all of us watch this movie back in the 90s? don’t get me wrong– i love it bad and watch it every single year, but that opening scene is a little questionable for disney channel.
  5. Phantom of the Megaplex : the reason I wanted to work at a movie theatre the day I turned 16… that dream would go unfulfilled *tear*
  6. Ghostbusters : I haven’t seen the new, all girl version yet but I’m not opposed … I just don’t think you can beat the original though! WHO YA GONNA CALL?!





  1. The Conjuring : based. on. a. true. story. Need I say more? *shudders*
  2. Saw : I can’t even talk about these. But I always watch them when they’re on because I’m not right.
  3. The Exorcist : I absolutely D O N T do demons and satanic spirits, but it has to be mentioned… so if you’re into that sorta thing, here it is. but definitely count me O U T!
  4. The Blair Witch Project : theres just something extra spooky about a movie that looks like its been shot by the person in the movie.. seems a little too real. cringe.
  5. Amityville Horror : this one gives me anxiety, but Ryan Reynolds is in it so…. must see! (also one that was based on a true story)
  6. The Purge : Such a nightmare. Such a good watch.
  7. Poltergeist: They’re heeeeeeeere.





  1. Halloween : nothing beats the original, but anything from this franchise will do the trick– these movies are all the epitome of my childhood. My brother and his friends would torture me with these and I had to sit through them so I could prove that I wasn’t scared and was one of the boys… being a tomboy was weird. whatever.
  2. Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger and that sweater. nothing haunts me more. this was another one my brother liked to watch that I couldn’t admit I was afraid of! #justanotherboy
  3. Scream: again, OG is best but any of the four will get the spooky job done…. and also make you fear being a teen. side note: Drew Barrymore is my G I R L.
  4. The Craft: because who didn’t want to be a witch in the 90s? think ‘mean girls’ and ‘sabrina the teenage witch’ turns dark.
  5. Carrie : such a classic and even the remake is good. Both are creepy must sees– just be sure to start with the original, per usual.
  6. The Shining : the reason every secluded, ‘peaceful’ mountain mansion is instantly creepy to me


There y’all have it– my quick list of must sees this Halloween weekend. Did I miss one? Let me know! I love a good spooky movie.