Fitness Friday with Ramsey Keaton


If y’all have followed me on social media for awhile you might have noticed a recent spike in my workout regimen…. and most of that is thanks to this girl right here. She makes working out fun and entertaining and encourages me every step of the way. I don’t hide my sass when she makes me push the sled with 90lbs on it, but she just laughs at me (well, with me) and keeps me going. Honestly, I’ve never really worked out like this before. I am (and always will be) a H U G E fan of fitness classes– and don’t get me wrong, I still get into classes as often as I can… But, nothing gets me out of the bed at 7am like knowing I have someone waiting on me. I’ve worked out in the evenings for as long as I can remember… I’m so NOT a morning person so this was the only time I could even imagine getting sweaty. Plus, since I was mostly doing classes until a few months ago, I really never had a single human holding me accountable and waiting on me… I could always just cancel if I wasn’t in the mood. But having someone hold you accountable (and is honestly just fun to workout with) is the best way to convince yourself a 7:30am workout is a good idea.

I’ve always worked out and tried to stay active, but like I said: never like this. I was intimidated by gyms and personal trainers and the who bit. But, that is SO not what its like at Strong Shop Fitness and with Ramsey. Strong Shop is a boutique gym, meaning its small and intimate and everybody is working with a  trainer. It’s like a little family– everyone usually keeps to a schedule so you see lots of familiar faces week to week. It’s never over crowded due to every client being scheduled with a trainer, so theres no waiting on machines or lack of weights. And if you’ve never worked with a trainer before, try it out!! It may take you some time to find someone you mesh well with, but keep looking! The stuff Ramsey has me doing I would NEVER walk into a gym and do (or be motivated enough to keep doing if she wasn’t standing right there). And she’s not standing there yelling at me, she’s usually laughing along with me while keeping me on track…. because TRUST, I let her know when I’m winded and what exercises I hate the most *cough cough ropes and sleds*. But, you know what she has me do EVERY SINGLE session? Ropes and sled… because thats how you get better. I’m definitely starting to notice changes in my body, but the best part is feeling better and stronger. Each week I feel a little less uncoordinated and a little more familiar with my muscles.

So, to get y’all on the boutique gym and personal trainer bandwagon (cause I’m a huge fan these days) I’m introducing a new series for the fall– Ask Ramsey. Y’all can send in any comments, questions or concerns and once a month I will have Ramsey answer them. Ask her about nutrition, her favorite workouts, least favorites, what keeps her motivated… etc. // send all questions to or DM me on Instagram.

But if you can’t wait to get to know her, check her out on the mic at CycleBar Lexington at The Summit or give Strong Shop a call and book your first *free* session with her.