Fitness Favorite: CycleBar



My latest obsession is CycleBar. I swear I’d do it every single day if my legs could keep up! It is literally a party on a bike!! The summer I lived in NYC (in 2013) was the summer I became obsessed with indoor cycling… and I mean obsessed. Who moves to the big apple and ends up loving a workout class the most? It was the #1 thing I was sad about moving away from. Anywho, I had been crossing my fingers and toes that something equally addicting and fun would make it’s way down to Kentucky and my prayers have FINALLY been answered. The lights are low, the music is loud and the sweat pours. Side note: I have also been a huge fan of the apple watch lately… I mean I’m crazy about counting my steps and watching my activity… point of this tangent: nothing burns the calories like an hour on the bike! I’ve burned up to 800 calories in a CycleBar class… DANG! And the best part? It’s so much fun that you don’t even realize you’re working that hard. Besides the class, the environment at CycleBar is super inviting. The experience as a whole is 5 star– you sign up online or through the app and when you show up to class, your shoes are in a cubby labeled with your bike number (that you chose when signing up for the class). The entire deal is so streamlined and effortless! They even fill up your water bottle with chilled water while you put your shoes on.. so classy slash they know you’re going to need to hydrate. They have tons of different rides throughout the week! My favorites? Throwback Thursday and Music Video Rides– both are equally challenging and entertaining. I just tried out the Hip Hop Class this week and it’s up there among favorites.