Embroidered Hoodie + Glitter Sneakers

Black Leather Jacket

golden goose high top sneakers
evil eye black hoodie

oversized black hoodie street style

silver glitter golden goose sneakers street style

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My second most asked question of all time is how did I track down these sneakers… well, I wish I had a better answer besides just being early. I saw Mary Seng (of Happily Grey) wearing them and I couldn’t resist… It was a total Cady Heron “Mean Girls” moment– I saw Mary Seng wearing glitter golden goose sneakers so I bought glitter golden goose sneakers. and now I can literally N E V E R find them in stock– BUT, y’all are in luck today. I linked them (and veeeery similar ones + including some low tops) a bajillion different places, each having various sizes. ALL of the sites are legit and I have personally made purchases from all of them.

As for the rest of my look, its pretty standard and something I repeat far too often. This embroidered evil eye hoodie is the perfect pop for a basic sweatshirt and it is SO soft I could cry. My jeans are also V E R Y high waited– WIN!

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