T3 Brings A Touch Of Luxe












Y’all know by now that I take styling my hair pretty seriously– it’s something I enjoy and do *most* every single day. I have a lot of hair, so blow drying is something that I usually will skip. I like to go to bed with a wet head because it usually doesn’t make a huge difference in my hair. That’s until I got my hands on the T3 Micro Featherweight Hair Dryer. It’s so quick and easy and creates the perfect blow out– making it easier than ever to go several days between washes… because, life. I use the round brush around my face to create a little extra volume and voila: at home blowout. While you K N O W I’m ride or die for my T3 Micro Wand, sometimes this gal needs a low maintenance straight look and thats where my new little friend comes into play. This T3 Micro Single Pass Luxe straightener gets the job done and stands true to its name– literally, one swipe and you’re out the door. Plus, can we talk about how picture perfect all of these pieces are? Almost too cute to use…. almost.


**Thank you T3 Micro for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own. Xx!*