A Day In The Life

I did THIS post basically one year ago exactly– it’s been so fun to go back and see how my day has changed and how so much is still the same. Since taking OTTEstyle full time in April 2018, my life (career + personal) has changed a lot and this year has really been about rolling with all of these changes and embracing them.

As y’all can tell from Instagram, I travel A LOT more these days… so when I’m home it is VITAL that I fall back into a routine quickly in order to get everything accomplished between trips. I am also a bit of a house cat by nature, so when I’m not traveling I try to stay home and recharge my batteries (i.e. not leaving my house, quitting work prompting at 5pm and cooking in while we binge something on Netflix).

So here is what a typical day looks like at OTTEstyle HQ:

7:00am alarm!

7:30 make the bed (feels like the day is already off to a success), turn on the coffee pot, feed B and let him out to potty

7:45 any small household tasks I need to do from the day before: put a load of laundry in, unload the dishwasher, vacuum the dog hair… etc.

8:00 coffee + devotional on the back porch while B plays

8:30 workout: either barre, pilates, something at home, a walk around the neighborhood? Kinda depends on my mood and what fits into my schedule.

9:45 shower + get ready for the day– usually something has to be shot, filmed or recorded… so even though I work from home, I am still getting ready. Plus, I feel like I get more accomplished if I look like an adult!

10:30 chat with Katie (my manager) about things needing to get accomplished that day/week, work on my to do list and plan out my day– do I need to shoot for a campaign? film a try on? edit a blog post? This is when I assign those tasks to a time in my day and get everything organized. Recently I have also been taking this time to explore Pinterest and get inspired!  

12:00pm lunch at my desk and more admin stuff, Pinterest, edit photos and put the finishing touches on whatever content is going live on the blog the next day.

2:00 respond to comments and DMs on Instagram, follow
up with Katie on admin stuff: upcoming collaborations, invoices,
contracts… etc.

3:30 shoot content for upcoming collaborations, run any errands, meetings– anything out of the house

5:30 (or later if Sam gets home from work late) I like to wrap everything up at a decent hour so S and I can hangout

6:30 dinner

8:30 publish my Instagram post, clean up around the
house, put away laundry… etc

9:00 shower + get ready for bed / lately I have been working a little on DMs before bed and answering any questions that came through on Instagram that day

10:00 S and I watch an episode of whatever series
we’re into at the moment *currently: scandal*

11:00 off to bed