Summer BBQ Style

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer and the perfect reason to get together with friends, enjoy some time outside and *most importantly* celebrate those that fight for our freedom. My favorite way to do that: a little America themed barbecue!

Whether you’re at the lake, hanging with friends or laying by the pool– everyone loves dressing for a theme! I rounded up some great pieces to wear on MDW or 4th of July for y’all today that are super cute + can be worn all summer long.

I love the length of THESE denim shorts, so cute + flattering! Y’all can tell I’m really into shortalls this summer and luckily I found three of the perfect pairs: THIS one is a more relaxed fit, THIS one is different because its white denim (and also a relaxed fit) and THIS one is my favorite because of the pinstripes (so america). While we’re chatting about denim, I also really love THIS chambray jumpsuit– perfect dressed up or down.

Other options cute + ‘merica: