Invisalign at The Smile Lab: What to Expect at your First Appointment

Confession time– I haven’t worn my retainer in three years! Bo chewed it up when he was a puppy and since we lived in Orlando at the time I didn’t have an othodontist to go to. I let it go on and on and *of course* my teeth moved. Y’all, my parents put me in braces twice in my adolescent years (in 2005 and 2007) so I couldn’t just let this go. I needed to address my shifting teeth and get them back in order. LUCKILY White, Greer and Maggard Orthodontics has made it super easy and convenient to get the teeth you want with 19 offices in Kentucky and two Smile Lab locations in Lexington. While the WGM offices are full service orthodontic offices, The Smile Lab meets consumers where they are and offers a quick and simple way to the smile they want! I literally popped into The Summit location earlier today and was in and out in 30 minutes!

In the first appointment you get to see what the product looks like, which I’m sure you already know… but if you don’t, it’s like a really form fitting clear retainer! Sometimes your treatment plan will require attachments on your teeth to achieve the desired look, but those are the color of your teeth and not even noticeable. You wear each set of trays for ONE week and then you’re onto your next set! You only have to go to the doctor every three months to ensure things are moving in the right direction and get your next few rounds of trays! At this initial appointment you will have your teeth and bite scanned, which takes about three minutes. After this is processed you get to see what Invisalign will make your teeth look like after treatment!! How cool??? This is sent off to Invisalign to have your treatment plan mapped out and your trays made! In four to five weeks I will go into the WGM office nearest me and meet with a doctor, get my trays and go over my treatment plan in depth. This is also the appointment where you will get your attachments, if your plan calls for that!

The Smile Lab has AMAZING prices– like, 40% less than anyone else. It is $3,240 for a comprehensive Invisalign treatment, with financing options available. They also offer a discounted price of only $2,899 if you pay in full (cash or credit card). Their treatment comes with a five year guarantee – if you’d like any adjustments during that five year period, they will provide treatment at no additional cost.

I am so excited about this process and can’t wait to share it with y’all! FUN FACT: S is doing it with me– YAY! If y’all have any questions, send them our way! We are sitting down with Dr. White next week and getting all of them answered! I plan on sharing the entire process here and on Instagram. I’ll have another post probably half way through my treatment plan and then a final wrap up post with before and after photos! We actually found my photos from when I was younger and had braces… I need to see if I can share those, too!! They’re hilarious.