End of Summer Roadtrip with Toyota

As y’all probably saw over on social media last week, I went on an end of summer adventure to Nashville, Tennessee in my Toyota Camry Hybrid. Is this blue color not so fun?

Funny story– I’ve never driven a Hybrid before, but they are R E A L quiet. So quiet that it was actually on for like 5 minutes while I struggled to figure out how to turn it on… After realizing it was on the whole time, loading the car down with way too many clothes for a 72 hour trip and plenty of snacks, I was ready to hit the open road. Nashville is only about three and a half hours away from Lexington so it makes for the perfect weekend destination.

I felt so cool in this car and decided I required an alter ego, we’ll call her Jessica, to pull off this blue beauty. Like Maddie, Jessica enjoys a skinny vanilla latte with one pump chai and one pump pumpkin, but she looks way more cool and sporty cause she’s drinking it in a Toyota Camry.

I’ll admit, Sam was a little nervous about me hopping in an unfamiliar car and driving on the interstate by myself but it was such an easy transition. Once I got my podcasts all queued up and snacks in the passenger seat, I was ready to roll.

Plus it needs to be noted than I drove all the way to Nashville, around all weekend and back to Lexington on the SAME TANK OF GAS. Yes, you read that right. I guess the SUV driver in me is just so used to pouring all of my money in the gas tank every week from just cruising around town that I didn’t know there was another way of life.

So for those keeping score at home, that means this car is: sporty, cute, easy to drive and SUPER economical.

Plus, can we all just take a second to drool over this dreamy interior? The prettiest, softest, creamiest leather!