Sephora Sale: Daily Beauty Must Haves

Weather you’re stocking up on tried and true products, splurging on that lipstick you’ve been eyeing for months or starting a fresh routine from the ground up, this sale is for you. We all wear makeup, unless you don’t because you’re flawless without it and then bye we aren’t friends *kidding*, and since we all wear makeup we all spend money on it… it only makes sense to save when we can. I always take this time to stock up on my old faithfuls I use every single day. I’ve shared them a lot and I try to tag and link them in most posts, but here they are once again. A lot of these products I’ve used since I started wearing makeup because they were what my mom used *hi, Benefit Hoola*. Others are recent finds and obsessions *hi, Giorio Armani Silk Foundation*.

While I may bounce around and try new things, these are usually the items I go back to and think “why did I ever forsake you?”. I’m only covering my everyday ‘daytime’ routine in this post, but I’ll be back with my favorite beauty splurges, skincare and haircare/tools that are included in the Sephora sale before it’s over on Monday. To shop and get 10% off your purchase, be sure to use code: yesinsider