Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Beauty

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best in Beauty

This is a great time to add a few new products into your routine– from skincare and makeup to haircare and tools! This sale offers a great selection of best selling products. While I always take advantage of the sets that are on sale so I can try new things, I never pass up my holy grail items that I can’t do without. I’m breaking them all down for you today–


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: makeup must haves

A lot of the beauty items included in this sale are ones I use daily– so this is the PERFECT time to stock up. But while it’s good to grab your go-to items, this is also a great time to branch out and try some new things. I love THIS brow gel and wear it even when I don’t wear makeup, I think it makes you look put together and groomed.. without trying too hard! THIS bronzer is the best, I’ve worn it for almost a decade– it was the bronzer my mom gave me when I started wearing makeup and nothing has ever topped it for my skin color. THESE lipsticks are the best formula and pigment. I’m excited to try THESE brushes and THIS makeup applicator– the reviews for both are almost perfect.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: best in skincare

Y’all know I am a skincare junkie– my bathroom cabinets are overflowing with different serums, masks and moisturizers.. but you can’t ever have too much *IMO*. This sale has a lot of travel size and sets, so it’s a really affordable way to try out new products without committing to the price tag of only one single item. I love THESE products and have used them for several months now, the results have been amazing!

THIS is my favorite mask to use year round, sometimes I even use it as a spot treatment. Love to use THIS and THIS to take my makeup off at night. I have been wanting to invest in THIS and/or THIS to add to my routine and help keep my skin looking youthful. Since I have eye lash extensions I don’t use THIS as much anymore, but I used to and loved it– I didn’t know they created a serum for eyebrow growth so I snagged THIS and can’t wait to try it out.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: best in haircare

Haircare is always my most asked question, from color and maintenance to styling and products. Y’all are in luck because most of my daily products are included in the sale! THIS is the curling iron I use (I have the one in white + rose gold) for my bigger, bouncier curls and THIS straightener on the ends– to help achieve a messier beach curl. I use THIS dryer and THESE products on my wet hair. and y’all already know my thoughts on washing (i.e. not too often) and so I have to keep the dry shampoo on deck. I use THIS one in the beginning (when my hair doesn’t really even need it) just to give a little volume and THIS one to make it to hair wash day.