Best of the Nordstrom Sale Early Access

Nordstrom Sale Early Access: top picks

Nordstrom Sale Early Access. It’s here it’s here– in blogger world it’s like Christmas morning!! I set my alarm for 3am and brewed myself a huge pot of coffee so I could wake myself up enough to compose a post for y’all. If I sound half asleep while you’re reading this, give a girl some grace. I’ll be breaking down all of my favorite items from this summer’s nordstrom sale! It’s a good one, so to say I enjoyed myself this morning would be an understatement. If you missed yesterday’s post where I broke everything down for y’all (even gave a great insider’s tip for shopping the sale *wisely* without the card), you can catch up HERE!

BUT for all of you lucky, lucky card holders who get to shop today– as promised, I have poured over the pages and pages (and pages and pages and pages) of sale items for y’all and pulled all of my favorite items below. Things move fast during this sale, so I will try and keep this as up to date as possible– with, of course, several follow up posts in the coming weeks (this bad boy runs until August 5).

If you missed yesterday’s post and were also too lazy to click on the link above to catch up (would probably be me if I were reading this– guilty) then I am going to make the most important point here again. If you were a good ottestyle student and already read it, then move along– nothing new to see here (just go ahead and get to the good stuff, I know why y’all are here). BUT heres the short and sweet of that post so we’re all up to speed: this sale is special for one major reason: the items that are marked down are all BRAND. NEW. ITEMS. they aren’t last season’s picked over pieces– plus, most of them are pre-fall selections so you can get ahead of the cozy weather game.

PRO TIP for the #NSale: this is THE TIME to stock up on designer items, leather jackets, suede jackets, denim, leather booties, suede boots, cashmere sweaters– all of the luxe goods. These items will probably never be on sale again and if you see something you like, snag it while you can– a lot of items move Q U I C K in this sale.

This is just a PRO TIP for all sales, but good to make note of here: be sure to set a budget and allow a little wiggle room. While this is a good time to justify a splurge *or two*, let’s all keep the bigger picture in mind. These items are marked down a lot and knowing how fast things move does create a sense of urgency, but at the end of the day it’s just a sale and it’s nothing to “lose the farm over” (sorry y’all, I’m from the south). Talk with your husband, yourself or Jesus– whoever keeps you in check and make wise decisions. With that being said, if you are super organized and set a clothing budget for yourself that extends the year– this is not a bad place to spend a chunk of it. You will get more bang for your buck.

Below are my favorite items, some of which are also in my cart. Check back for tomorrow’s post for a try on session covering all #NSale items I already own and later this week (whenever my package arrrives) I am going to do a try on haul with all of the items I ordered this year and review quality + sizing (and share how I’d style each piece).



Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: denim


Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: jackets


Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: sweaters


Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: bags


Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: shoes