Summer Denim Refresh

summer denim refresh: pants

Even though you wear denim pants all year round, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t freshen up your collection every now and then– this summer I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans and split hem!

Summer Denim Refresh: Shorts

I love denim shorts– especially distressed. I’m not all about the shorty short ones, but more so the worn in *appropriate* length ones, because lets be honest– I’m not 18 anymore and I’ve learned to leave a little mystery about myself.

Summer Denim Refresh: skirts

90s babies rejoice– the denim skirt is back and seems like its here to stay for awhile. Last summer was when I decided to start embracing my favorite childhood trend and I am so glad to see this fashion statement isn’t going anywhere soon. This summer I invested in a white and black one.

Summer Denim Refresh: Jackets

When in doubt, grab a denim jacket to take along with you all year– but especially in the summer. Does anyone else hate how they crank the A/C to feel like negative 1,000 in places this time of year?