NBR Extensions Update: six weeks

the above photo was this week– six weeks after install

the above photo was the day of install — just a more ‘fresh’ looking color, the extensions have held up perfectly! DISCLAIMER: even without extensions, I need to have my color touched by every 6-8 weeks because I have a tendency to get very brassy– and I look a cool toned, “icy” blonde. I use THIS purple shampoo and conditioner once a week to help combat the brass.

Six weeks ago I got NBR extensions put in by the wizard herself: Diana at Mane Alley in New Albany, Indiana (right outside of Louisville– about 1.5 hours from me in Lexington). And I have to say, I’m never going back. I’ve done the tape in extensions before and I kinda feel like they damaged my hair, these haven’t at all– if anything, I am applying MUCH less heat on my hair these days and it’s actually helping this mane.

The extension hair holds curl for DAYS, if you can keep from washing it…and truthfully, only washing your hair about 2x a week is healthier for your own hair and the extension hair. I’ve been pretty transparent on here about my hair washing beliefs and I only wash mine 2x a week (unless I’m working out hardcore and need to up my wash game)… *clearly* I take a shower daily, I just tie my hair up in a topknot whilst doing so.

Besides feeling like my hair is healthier, they’re super comfy in my head– you hardly even notice they’re there! And a MAJOR plus: you can still wear pony tails and topknots! The extensions are sewn in on a hinge so no matter how your hair is flipped, you can’t see the track! It’s magic, I swear. They were super easy at the beach on our honeymoon, they didn’t tangle when I swam which them and they were easy to throw up in a pony if I needed to.

Overall, I can’t sing enough praises about the NBR technique… but especially my girl Diana. She is so cool and super knowledgable about hair and NBR, plus she’s just really easy to talk to– we sipped lattes and talked about everything from our favorite bands to our love for our fur children.

I covered a lot of these questions the day after I got the extensions on Insta Stories, but in case you’re more of a visual person…

I’ve typed out the answers as well:

  1. WHO DID THEM?: Diana and Mane Alley in New Albany, Indiana

  2. HOW MUCH DID THEY COST?:$1000-$1500 based on how long you get them and how much hair you get– mine were 18″ 12 wefts total in 2 rows (6 wefts per row)– this price covers: the price of the hair, install and custom color for your hair and the extension hair to create a seamless look

  3. HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE TO GET THEM REDONE?: every 6-8 weeks for a color refresh and to move the extensions back up– which will cost $300-$500

  4. DO THEY DAMAGE YOUR HAIR?: No, I’ve had them in for 6 weeks and if anything feel like they have kept me from using heat on my hair daily and is actually helping my real hair

  5. WHAT IS UPKEEP LIKE?: add oil on the length of your hair at night to add moisture into your extension hair and maintain them a little better– I’ve noticed this also keeps your curls nice and smooth the next day and prevents me from having to re-curl every single day.

  6. ARE THEY EASY TO STYLE: Yes, I use the same products (THIS shampoo, THIS conditioner, THIS hair mist and THIS oil) and tools (THIS blow dryer, THIS wand and THIS straightener) on them that I used before and they haven’t been a problem. I did add the THIS hair oil Diana sells at her salon into my nightly routine and am OBSESSED… she will also be selling Oribe products soon because they are also so great to use on the extensions. I also started adding THIS mist into my hair on days I didn’t want to re-curl my hair, so give an effortless/beachy look.