Current Beauty Routine

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Spring calls for a fresh routine! I’m naturally really dry, so in the winter I am constantly seeking products that put a little more moisture in my skin– for skincare and beauty products (bonus points if they use the word ‘dew’ on the packaging). But when spring rolls around, the dryness subsides *a little* and I can kinda relax on the dewy products and enjoy setting my concealer once again– rejoice! I remember when I discovered setting my undereye, it was like a whole new world with brand new possibilities. Okay, now that I have gotten the dramatics out of the way a little bit, it really did completely change my relationship with concealer and powder. I am 25 now, so I do have a couple fine lines that my make up LOVES to settle in… it’s really cute. When I properly use my concealer and set it with some powder not only does my make up not settle in my fine lines, but it also stays put all day long. I was always a little hesitant trying concealer and setting powder because I had just deduced that I was too dry and it would look like I had caked on makeup. BUT with a hydrating and gentle skincare regimen, make up truly does go on with ease (more on this next week). Once your base (skin) is healthy, you can work with beauty products a little easier. Something my girl Brandice at Prive Med Spa (in Lexington, Kentucky) told me was: your under eye (my biggest problem area) skin is so thin, its important to ONLY put products (skincare and beauty) that were designed for that specific area under there. Face products are going to be too thick and cakey for the under eye, so stick to under eye serum as your primer and under eye concealer instead of bringing your foundation all the way up under your eye. If you’ve never had any issues with your under eye makeup and you’re not sure what I’m talking about and struggling with– we can’t be friends. Kidding! But, you are blessed and I’m really trying to be happy for you about that ;). Before I learned this little tip, I was just convinced I was too dry for concealer and I had to choose between creasing makeup or dark circles… I had settled on my dark circles. Now, I can properly apply my make up in the correct areas they were MADE for and hide my dark circles and still avoid creasing under my eye… mid 20s are really fun and exciting! #blessed … The rest of my routine is pretty standard year round, as far as bronzer, highlighter and lip. I keep it simple and basic with those three must haves– add bronzer to give my face a little definition below my cheek bones and around my temples, brighten everything up with a little highlighter on my cheek bones, middle forehead and tip of my nose and then polish it off with a nude lipstick (right now I am loving just a clear gloss).