Podcasts To Check Out This Summer



This girl L O V E S a podcast– I put my headphones in when I talk Bo and just zone out. It makes a three mile walk fly by!! From true crime to church sermons and everything in between. I literally listen to it all. and lucky for y’all because I’m sharing all my favorites for easy summer listening with y’all!

Boss Babe:

GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia, founder of NastyGal, hosts a different #girlboss every episode where they discuss everything from life and beauty to current events and how they got their career started. It is super entertaining and very inspiring to hear all the jobs these ladies have had and how they get to the place they are now. Get ready to be inspired and also laugh til you cry.

How I Built This

Similar to GirlBoss Radio, but not gender specific. Different entrepreneurs are interviewed and discuss how they get their start and what keeps them inspired. It’s great to pop in while you’re cleaning the house and even if you’re in a little rut with your own small business… after an episode of this, you realize how hard but rewarding it is to own your own business and how great it can be with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of passion.


True Crime:


This was the podcast that started my love for all podcasts– two episodes in and I was hooked. Each season they cover a different case where they *believe* someone has been falsely accused. It is prerecorded and the entire season is released all at once, so get ready to binge listen. Kinda unrelated…but, Sarah Keonig, the host, has a great voice to listen to.

Up and Vanished

Payne Lindsey, the creator of Up and Vanished, is a fellow fan of Serial and wanted to get into the podcast world. The first (and only *so far*) season is focused on digging into the cold case of Tara Grinsted, a young woman who went missing in South Georgia eleven years ago. The cool thing about this podcast is that he releases an episode a week as he’s actually going through the case– it’s like real time and so awesome to feel ‘up to date’ and current with his findings. He really creates a stir in this town and brings attention back to the ‘biggest case file in Georgia history’.


It’s all about the life of John B Mclemore, a resident of a place he *fondly* refers to as ‘$h!t town, Alabama’. It starts out as as effort to uncover a murder he believes has taken place in this small town and the cops are trying to cover up… but it turns into so much more. Someone dies. People are arrested. It gets WILD.


church and religion:

Southland Weekend Message Series

This is the actual church that I go to every single Sunday! Our pastor, or ‘lead follower’ as her prefers: Jon Weece, is not only an anointed public speaker that captivates his audience with ease but also super relatable and entertaining. He brings Scripture to life with personal stories and other relevant content and does not shy away from the ‘hard’ topics. I leave church every weekend feeling inspired and challenged.  I know how hard it is to find a church in your own town… I’ve gone to Southland for YEARS so when I moved to Orlando, I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to find somewhere I ‘clicked’ with like I did at SCC. So, while I looked for a church in Orlando to call my own– I stayed in sync with my home church thanks to these podcasts. It was so perfect to hear his familiar voice and be able to talk with my family and friends about that weekend’s message thanks to the podcast. If you haven’t found a church near you that you feel 100% in love with OR if you just want a little extra time with the Lord– I so encourage you to check this podcast out. I promise you won’t be disappointed! P.S. if you fall in love with my church and find yourself in Lexington, KY– reach out to me and come check us out in person!