Volumize and Save Time with T3Micro







Hot rollers were always something I saw my mom use in her hair when I was younger. When I finally started cheering for an all star team in middle school, I got to use some of my own to achieve really tight curls that would stay perky all day. I hadn’t tried rollers in years until these beauties came into my life. I couldn’t love them more! I have naturally straight hair, like I’ve mentioned before, and sometimes it falls a little flat. I’ve tried products and teasing and lots of other options but nothing gives me all day volume and body like these hot rollers! PLUS a major bonus is that you can warm them up and pop them in while you’re doing your makeup or cleaning your house or starring at your dog… I don’t know what your morning looks like 😉 but if you’re anything like me, it could any and or all of those options. Anywho– while you’re doing your makeup, your hair is basically doing itself! Theres just so much volume and bounce and its a really pretty, natural look. I love to just stroll out like that BUT if you need a look extra oomph, you can add come curl with your wand or iron– whatever floats your boat.