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Ahhh my favorite thing ever is to talk about my sweet baby boy. Bowman is a full bred labrador retriever, he’s just extra petite. We had no idea he would be such a tiny tyke but I am so thrilled with it. He’s about 41lbs soaking wet and forever my baby. I get asked all the time about potty and crate training… I literally have zero clue how I did it, he just kinda picked it up. I hear all sorts of discussions about whether or not to show them and scold them when they have accidents in the house vs not wanting to give them a complex… I don’t know whats right. I just did whatever felt natural. It’s really nothing to lose sleep over. Also, speaking of sleep – he didn’t sleep through the night for probably the first 2 weeks I had him. But, like potty and crate training, he learned to hold it and sleep all night long. Now the kid sleeps until I drag him out of bed in the morning! I think the main thing about having a pup in your family is just living your life and they WILL adapt. The biggest thing about labs is the shedding… and I won’t sugar coat it, its a lot. I keep a little handheld pet vacuum nearby and sweep his favorite spots a few times a week – not a big deal for me, he’s worth every hair. As for exercise, I typically take him for a longish walk 4 or 5 times (about 3 miles). Other than that, he just plays ball in the backyard… he is really laid back for a lab, so he doesn’t even require that much walking… I just love a good long stroll. Any who like I said, I’m not a pet expert at all but I do think I’ve got a pretty good boy on my hands. Leave any comments below and I will try and answer them to the best of my ability. OR if you have any dog tips of your own, let a girl know!

Below are several pet accessories I have for B! So they’re pup approved.

*photos by Samantha Moore Photography