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Hi ladies,

I have gotten lots of e-mails about my skincare routine lately, so I thought I would gather all of the information into one place for y’all. I use SkinMedica face wash with my fingertips in the morning for a gentle cleanse and apply First Aid Beauty moisturizer to start my day. Every night I use an Ole Henriksen wipe to remove makeup (even if I didn’t wear makeup I use one to remove the day, ya know?), next I put the SkinMedica face wash on my Clarisonic for a little exfoliation, then I apply the First Aid Beauty sleeping cream. Every other night I use Retin-A which helps with cell turnover, its a prescription so consult a professional about usage (beware: your skin will slightly peel for the first month or so of use due to the cell turnover, but your skin will acclimate I promise and the peeling with subside… its worth it, just stick to it). Because the Retin-A makes your skin a little sensitive to the sun, I use a SkinCeuticals phyto corrective gel some nights after I’ve been outside a lot. Phew, that sounds like a lot.. swear its not. There are also several face masks that I SWEAR by for whenever I’m feeling a little extra! Also whenever a tragic blemish appears, I spot treat religiously with the Caudalie face mask… trust. Everything is linked below! Do y’all have anything you can’t live without in your beauty routine? Sharing is caring.



Face Masks:

Treatments & Serums (not to be used on a weekly basis):