Mobile Preset Pack – OTTEstyle by Maddie Duff


I am so excited to finally share the OTTEstyle Preset Pack with y’all! These will take your everyday iPhone photos to the next level in a few easy clicks! While I love how these presets look on any photo as they are, sometimes they need a tweak or two depending on lighting and I am also so excited to share my easy to use how-to guide with y’all, too! I am not a professional, but I have found a vibe that I love for my Instagram feed and I think y’all will love not only how it looks, but also how easy they are to use!

The pack comes with my two go-to presets, which Sam has lovingly named bright lights and wildfire. I didn’t want to call them indoor (aka dim lighting) and outdoor (aka bright lighting) because I don’t want you to feel confined to using them in any sort of light! With just a few minor tweaks they both can work in any light setting– and don’t be afraid to make some tiny adjustments to make sure each photo is the best it can be.



**No refunds are available for this product once purchased. If you do not receive an email, please check spam before reaching out for assistance.**


These presets are made for the free ADOBE Lightroom CC’s mobile app– available in the App Store.¬†You’ll get an email with a .zip file once you purchase the preset pack. Within this .zip file is the OTTEstyle presets (bright lights and wildfire), which are in the form of .dng files. You MUST download the .zip file onto your computer in order to properly unzip the files to your desktop. Once the files are unzipped, you can airdrop them to your phone or email them to yourself in order to get them on your mobile.

After the .dng files are saved on your camera roll, you can upload them into the Lightroom app! First, open up the Lightroom app and click on the “+” next to “albums”, select “create new album” and name the album “Maddie Duff Preset Pack”. Select the album “Maddie Duff Preset Pack” and click on the button in the bottom right corner to add images, select “from camera roll” and choose the two DNG files that you just saved and then “add two photos”.

Your presets are now uploaded into your Lightroom app– YAY! To save them for easy use, click on the first photo (let’s start with the full body shot) and click on the three dots (…) in the upper right corner and select “create preset”. I suggest keeping them as their original names so you are able to see how I use them on my own page. Name this one WILDFIRE! Repeat these steps for the second image (close up shot) and name it BRIGHTLIGHTS.


** Now you are ready to use your Maddie Duff Preset Pack!! Please check out my editing guide to see how I get these presets Instagram ready!!!


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